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XXVII International Conference Black Sea Grain and Oilseeds 2022/23, September 8, 2022, Grand Rostov Hyatt Regency 5*, Rostov-on-Don
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IX International Grain Trading Conference, October 27-30, 2015, Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt

    With a support of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation

27-30 October

With the support of

the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation,

the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation,

the Ministry of agriculture and land reclamation in Arab Republic of Egypt

and together with the Russian- Egyptian Business Council

took place the IX International Grain Trading Conference

«Global and Middle East grain outlook 2015»

in Sharm-El-Sheikh, Arab Republic of Egypt.

The event was visited by more than 100 representatives from 10 countries including Russia, USA, France, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Egypt, UAE, Ukraine and Kazakhstan.

The General Partner of the Conference was the bigger company PETKUS Technologie GmbH, the General Sponsor was AOS Trading DMCC, the Sponsors were Grain Terminal KSK and APK AST Company M.

In the framework of the Conference the world’s leading experts in manufacturing countries presented the current state and trends of developments situation in the grain market, the main results in the season 2015/16, the perspectives of development and influence in the freight market , talked about impact on the grain markets conjuncture at the financial markets, the methods of risk management in the international grain trade, the legal aspects of the grains deliveries in the Middle East.

The potential scenarios of productions and consumptions development in the world grain trade in consideration of increase in population and global climatic changes, program of food securitys development in the world were considered.

Presentations of the Conference speakers are available at thePersonal web-office.

October, 28

In the framework of session: Russian Federation in the global grain market: new realities was opened by Russian delegates such as Sergey Levin (Deputy Minister of Ministry of Agriculture of Russian Federation), Alexey Alekseenko (Assistant Manager of Federal Service for Veterinary and Phytosanitary Surveillance), Alexander Dolotov (delegate of Russian Trade Representation in Arab Republic of Egypt) and this session was closed by Arkadiy Zlochevskiy (president of the Russian Grain Union).

The particular interest among participants of the Conference was generated by second session Egypt & Middle East: New realities and their impact on global grain markets and the moderator of this session was Mikhail Orlov (Chairman of the Russian-Egyptian Business Council). Khaled Abdel Raidy (First Undersecretary of the Minister of agriculture and land reclamation in Arab Republic of Egypt), Fesal Aid (Vice-Chairman of Egyptian Holding Company for Silos and Storage), Dr.Ashraf Sami (Deputy Head of Central Administration of Plant Quarantine) participated in the second session.

The third session continued with World grain market: condition, prospects, new season trends and traditionally the moderator was Alexander Korbut (Vice-President of the Russian Grain Union). Among the speakers were Abdolreza Abbassian (FAO Senior Economist and Secretary of Agricultural Market Information System), Vladimir Petrichenko (General Director of ProZerno) who analyzed in their reports current situation of world wheat market 2015/16, perspectives and details of Russian grain market.

Also the main theme of the third session was Black Sea grains trade issues at the Mediterranean countries in the current season. The speakers were Andrey Druzyaka (General Director of KiAgroProduct), Vitaliy Smirnov (Director of quality, Sodrujestvo), Evgeny Rubinchik (Head of the analysis of the agro- industrial markets of the Department of Strategic Marketing, RusAgroTrans).

First day of the Conference was over by B2B meetings!

October, 29

Second day of the Conference was started by report of Aminat Suleimanova (Managing Partner of AGA Partners Law Firm, Ukraine). She told about legal aspects of trade grain and oilseeds, practice of resolving disputes between counteragents).

The last reports of speakers in the session: Presentations of new players in Russian and Near-Eastern grain market were properly absorbing. Among the speakers were Egor Sinebok (Vice-Chairman of Azovskiy Morskoy Port), Domenico Pellizzi (Sale Director of PETKUS), Vitaliy Smirnov (Director of quality, Sodrujestvo), Laslo Sabov (CEO of Botrans Inspection Services International), Andrey Druzyaka (General Director of KiAgroProduct).

The business part of the Conference was closed by president of the Russian Grain Union Arkadiy Zlochevskiy.

The General informational partner of the conference was Interfax, the Official informational partner – Zerno On-Line, informational sponsor portal Agro 2b. In the mass media the conference was covered by such news agencies as Bloomberg, ITAR-TASS, as well as by the MIA Russia Today, World Grain, etc.

Deputy Minister of Ministry of Agriculture of Russian Federation Sergey Levin and vice-president of the Russian Grain Union Alexander Korbut gave interviews to Bloomberg and they told about the perspectives of grain export from Russia to Middle East and North Africa countries.

IX International Grain Trading Conference Global and Middle East grain outlook 2015 closed in the evening of October,29 with the gala-diner with the traditional awarding of the Conference sponsors the certificates of the Russian Grain Union in the fashionable restaurant Caligula in Savoy Hotel Sharm-El-Sheikh 5*.



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