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XXVII International Conference Black Sea Grain and Oilseeds 2022/23, September 8, 2022, Grand Rostov Hyatt Regency 5*, Rostov-on-Don
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III Agrilogistics Conference GrainLogistics: New Epoch, March 16, AZIMUT Hotel Olympic Moscow 4*

The Russian Grain Union has held the III Agrilogistics Conference “GrainLogistics: New epoch”, March 16, 2022, AZIMUT Hotel Olympic Moscow 4*.

The logistics issue in the agricultural sector has always been the key problem for farmers as well as for grain companies and it means that the development of transport and logistics system turns out to be the most important condition of the competitive advances in the agrisector, it also happens to be the condition of the efficiency rising in the agricultural field of the country.

In the framework of the Conference there were discussed the prevailing tendencies of the agrilogistics system, market development trends, container as a way of increasing the transportation efficiency, coordination of the activity of agricultural companies divisions, working out the logistics strategy for enterprises. During the event there were touched upon such themes as the financing of the logistics structure development, the condition and the practice of finance implementation, systems of strategic planning in the logistics substructure and its advancement. The participants discussed transportation types of agricultural products, its advantages and disadvantages, problems and benefits, the peculiarities of grain storage and the quality of grain logistics that is tightly connected with its development.

The very Conference was traditionally aimed at the representatives of the federal and regional authorities, directors of the leading railway holdings and sea ports, grain storage and procession enterprises, infrastructure and transport logistics organizations, specialists of the bank sector.

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