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XVI International Conference "Black Sea Grain and Oilseeds 2010/11", September 9, 2010, Moscow, Russia


The16thInternational ConferenceBlack Sea Grain and Oilseeds 2010/11: the role of government and efficiency of the domestic grain and oilseed markets has taken place on the 9thof September 2010 in Moscow Renaissance Hotel. There were around 200 participants from more than 165 companies of 21 countries, such as: Canada, Egypt, France, Germany, India, Italy, Kazakhstan, Morocco, Netherlands, Turkey, USA, Ukraine, UK, South Korea and etc.

Mr. Arkady Zlochevsky - the President of the Russian Grain Union has started the Conference.


Mr. Arkady Zlochevsky

While the opening conference, Mr. Don Schieber (Chairman, U.S. Wheat Associates)greeted the conference participants and emphasized on the importance of Russia. Also he expressed his hope for the Russia’s soonest return to the global grain market.


Mr. Don Schieber

At the Plenary meeting “TheDrought of 2010: consequences for Russian agrarian sector, government support measures for agricultural producers and market regulation measures”, Mr. Sergey Korolev(Deputy Minister, the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation) provided a report on the detailed analysis of the current situation in the agrarian sector highlighting measures to overcome the consequences of drought (report). On the same issue at the panel discussion provided their reports Mr.Sergey Levin (General Director, United Grain Company), Mr. Alexander Kovirshyn (Head of Department for Lending to the State-run program of agricultural sector, Rosselkhozbank, JSC), Ms. Olesya Kucherova (Head of Insurance Development Department SOGAZ-AGRO) and Mr. Oleg Rogachev (First Deputy General Director, Rusagrotrans), (presentation)


Mr. Sergey KorolevMr.Sergey Levin


Ms. Olesya Kucherova Mr. Oleg Rogachev

Mr. Abdolreza Abbassian (Head, Centre for Grain market Studies,FAO UN)presentationand Mr. Keith Flury (Analyst, F.O. Licht, Germany)presentationprovided the detailed reports on the Russian global grain market-out and its consequences as well as thenew trends of situation development at world grain and oilseeds markets. Mr. Vince Peterson (Vice President, American Wheat Associates)presentationprovided detailed and informative report on the analysis and consequences of practice of the US market regulations. Also he made an evaluation of the changes in the global wheat market in the current season.


Mr. Abdolreza Abbassian Mr. Keith Flury


Mr. Vince Peterson Mr. Dmitry Rylko

In the framework of session Regional grain and oilseeds markets: draught consequences has held an active discussion about the current situation on the grain, cereals and oilseeds markets in Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan where too part the leading analysts of the Black Sea countries – Mr. Dmitry Rylko (General Director, IKAR)presentation,Mr.Valery Sergachev, Director, Raw material procurement, EFKO JSCpresentation, Mr. Vladimir Petrichenko,General Director, ProZerno LLCpresentation,Mr.Sergey Feofilov, General Director, Ukragroconsultpresentationand Mr.Evgeny Gan(President of the Kazakhstan League of Grain Processors and Bakers)presentation.


Mr.Valery Sergachev Mr. Vladimir Petrichenko


Mr.Sergey FeofilovMr.Evgeny Gan

Mr. Andrey Tolcheev (Head of agricultural laboratory, SGS Vostok Limited)presentationand Mr.Vitaliy Smirnov,Head of the Agricultural Production Department, INSPECTORATE R provided reports on the detailed analysis of quality and its impact on the competitiveness of new grain crop.


Mr. Andrey Tolcheev Mr.Vitaliy Smirnov

The Experts Round table discussion Harvest lot of 2011: winter and spring grain crops sowing prognosis has aroused much participant interest. During the Round table the forecasts, evaluations and suggestions have been made by Mr. Evgeny Gromyko (Vice-governor, Krasnodar territory), Ms.Elena Sokolova (Head of Technical Support, Chief expert on cereal crops diseases, PhD,Syngenta),Mr. Nikolay Khokhlov (Professor of Agriculture and agrometeorology department, PhD, Russian State Agrarian University MTAA n.a. K.A.Timiryazev) andMr.Oleg Kananykhin (Chairman of the Board of Directors, Russkiy Dom).


Mr. Evgeny Gromyko Ms.Elena Sokolova


Mr. Nikolay Khokhlov Mr.Oleg Kananykhin

The Analysts Round table Russian grain export ban impact on national and Black Sea grain and oilseeds markets has become the key event of the conference which has been held by Mr. Igor Abakumov (President, Media Group Krestyanskiye vedomosti). In the framework of the Round table, the leading grain market experts, such as Mr. Sergey Sukhov (Director of Agriculture RegulationDepartment,Ministry of Agricultureof the Russian Federation), Mr. Arkady Zlochevsky (President, Russian Grain Union), Mr. Nikolay Demianov (Deputy General Director, International Grain Company JSC), Mr. Dmitry Rylko (General Director, IKAR), Mr. Vladimir Petrichenko (General Director, ProZerno LLC) and Mr.Evgeny Gan (President of the Kazakhstan League of Grain Processors and Bakers).They have discussed the following issues: the necessity and grounds to impose the export ban and its duration; will Russia need the imports of grain; probable consequences for agricultural producers and grain production development.



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