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XXII Annual International Conference "Black Sea Grain and Oilseeds" and 4th Grain Dinner, September 7, 2016, Moscow, Russia

On September 07, 2016

under the auspices of:

Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation

took place XXII Annual International Conference "Black Sea Grain and Oilseeds 2016/17”

in the hotel “Azimut Moscow Olympic.

The event was visited by more than 250 representatives from 18 countries including Russia, Italy, Bulgaria, USA, UK, France, Switzerland, Egypt, UAE, India, Iran, Tunisia, Netherlands, Latvia, Lithuania, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and other countries.

Asset management company Investments.Finance.Capital and Liliani have become the Official Sponsor and Kuban Vino has become the official wine partner of the event.

In the event’s frameworks were discussed: the government regulation of the grain market, problems of legislative provision, results of last season and developments trends in the new season in the market of grain and oilseeds, Quality of grain in the season 2016/17 and other themes.

Session 1. The macroeconomic situation, the government regulation of the grain market, the situation and outlook for the development of the world markets of grain and oilseeds was started with the appearance of Andrei Klepach, Chief Economist, Deputy Chairman of the Board, Vnesheconombank, and he started with the theme Medium-term forecast of economic development of Russia.

Evgeny Gromyko, Deputy Minister of Agriculture of Russian Federation, told about the problems of state regulation of grain industry and about work plans of Ministry of Agriculture on the season.

Vladimir Volik, Director of department of regulation of agricultural markets in the Ministry of Agriculture of Russian Federation continued the discussion about grain markets strategy.

Arkadiy Zlochevskiy, the president of Russian Grain Union, expressed his opinion after Vladimir Volik.

Director of industrial and commercial activities- Alexey Chemerichko told in his appearance about coming interventions of United Grain Company as a leading player.

Session was over with the appearance of Armen Nalbandyan, General Director of Liliani and he presented the modern conception of grain storage.

The next moderator of second session was Dmitry Rylko, General Director, IKAR.

The second session was started with Trends of situation development at world grain markets and the main appearance of the president of American analytic company AgResource –Dan Basse.

After it the session was continued by the appearance such countries as Kazakhstan( Nurbek Dairbekov, Independent consultant. Kazakhstan grain and oilseed markets), Ukraine(Elizaveta Malyshko, hief expert, agricultural markets, Ukragroconsult) and Iran (Kaveh Zargaran, General secretary and member of board of Iranian Federation of Food Industry, Chairman of Agriculture, Water&Food Industry Committee).

As the moderator of panel discussion traditionally was Alexander Korbut, Vice-President of Russian Grain Union.

At first forecasts, opinion and recommendation expressed the General Director of IKAR, Dmitriy Rylko and the records of production and export; the decline in the yields of farmers.

After Dmitriy, The General Director of ProZerno, the recognized analyst Vladimir Petrichenko represented his point of view to the development of market situation.

The discussion continued with the appearance of Irina Sarycheva, Customer Care and Technical Governance Manager, Department of Agro-industrial complex, SGS Vostok limited.

The final presentations were from analytics: Arkadiy Zlochevskiy, the president of Russian Grain Union, and Igor Pavenskiy, Deputy Director of the Strategic Marketing Department, «Rusagrotrans».

The XXII International Conference Black Sea Grain and Oilseeds 2016/17 finished by the buffet-dinner, where splendid palette of wines and champagnes of official wine partner Kuban-Vino was presented.

The General informational partner of the conference was Interfax, the Official informational partner Zerno On-Line, informational sponsor portal Agro 2b. In the mass media the conference was covered by such news agencies as Bloomberg, RBC-daily, as well as by the MIA Russia Today, World Grain, etc.


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