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X International Grain Trading Conference, October 30 - November 2, 2018, Antalya, Turkey


October 31 – November 2, 2018

Supported by

the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation

there was held theXth International Grain Trading Conference
«Global Grain Outlook 2018» in Antalya, Turkey.

More than 100 representatives from 11 countries took part in this conference including the UK, Germany, Italy, the Marshall Islands, Nigeria, the Netherlands, Russia, Turkey, Ukraine, Finland and Switzerland.

The companies JSC Rusagrotrans and LLC Amurzerno acted as the sponsors of the conference. “AVELLUM” happened to be the law partner of the event.

In the framework of the conference there was made an analysis regarding modern conditions and prospects of the development of the situation on the global grain market, first of all wheat.The representatives of the leading world exporters of grain made reports in which they evaluate the production and potential grain export abroad, paying special attention to Turkey. It’s the very country that has become one of the main buyers of the Russian grain, this fact determines the development of trade relations between Turkey and Russia. A special attention was paid to the discussion of the legal aspects of grain and oilseeds supply.

Speakers presentations are available in the Personal Web-Office.

The 1st Session Pospects and Drivers of the Effective Russian-Turkish Cooperation on the Grain and Oilseeds Market. New Challenges New Possibilities was opened with the word of Naki Karaaslan, the Chairman of the Governing Board of the RTIB, emphasizing the fact of consolidation of Russian-Turkish relations in the field of supplying Russian wheat on the Turkish commodity market. Further the discourse on the innovations of the agrarian policy of Russia continued Ruslan Tsargush, Director of Export Support for the Agro-Industrial Complex, the Russian Export Center. The President of the Russian Grain Union, Arkady Zlochevsky, told the participants about the prospects and drivers of the effective Russian-Turkish cooperation on the grain and oilseeds market. The final speech was of Aydar Gashigullin,Russia'straderepresentativeinTurkey.

The 2nd Session was entirely devoted to the situation on the world and Turkish grain and oilseeds market. Darren Cooper, Senior Economist of the International Grains Council, in his report touched upon the state, prospects and trends of the new season on the world grain and oilseeds market. Svitlana Sinkovska, Secretary General of the International Sunflower Oil Association, continued the session with a report on the global market of sunflower oil.
Alev Capt. Tunc, Chairman of the BORA Shipping, Trading & and Serdar Gundogdu, Deputy Head of the Import Department of the ULUSOY UN concluded the session, speakingonthemaintrendsattheTurkishgrainmarket.

During the final 3rd session of the first conference day Black Sea grain in the Mediterranean market in the season of 2018/19 joined Igor Pavensky, Director of the Strategic Marketing Department of Rusagrotrans, Vitaly Kopytov, General Director of Altai Mills and

The 4th session of the conference dedicated to the issues of the quality and security of grains and oilseeds captured the special interest of participants.
Yevgeny Shimov, Head of Agricultural Department, Kotekna Inspection (Vostok), Elena Kultysheva, Director of Sales, Foss Electric, Barbaros Buyrukbilen, founder and director of TEKAFOS,madepresentationsatthesession.

All conference sessions were moderated by Alexander Korbut, the vice-president of the Russian GrainUnion.

Aminat Suleymanova, managing partner of AVELLUM, and Irina Moroz, partner of AVELLUM, spoke about the legal aspects of the grain and oilseeds trade and the practice of resolvingdisputesbetweenbusinesspartners.

Interfax acted as the general infopartner of the conference, news agency Zerno On-Line and Miller Magazine as the official infopartners. The President of the Russian Grain Union, Arkady Zlochevsky, gave an interview to the editor of the Miller Magazine in which he spoke abouttheprospectsofexportingRussiangraintoTurkey.

The Xth International Grain Trading Conference Global Grain Outlook 2018 concluded with the Gala Dinner and traditional awarding of the sponsors with the diplomata of the Russian Grain Union.

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