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About the Union

The Russian Grain Union (RGU) was found in 1994 by 14th organizations representatives, among those present were as the business organizations as the Governmental authorities.
Today the RGU is one of the largest and most influential unions in the agricultural sector of Russia. It embraces more than 400 companies and organizations of other forms of property, whose activity is related to the production, storage, cleaning, drying, decontamination, processing, domestic and international trade of grain and grain products, animal feed, the definition of grain quality and certification, as well as the organization of the grain market infrastructure; companies providing financial, insurance, supply, transportation, science, technology, information and other services that support the operations of the grain sector.

The Russian Grain Union has organized 1 regional associations in the Russian Federation regions, which combined over 80% of the Russian grain annual output.

More than 50% of the Union members are grain primary producers and companies of grain storage and processing.
The operators of the grain market, including infrastructure companies, represent 18% of members of the Russian Grain Union.
Union members account for about 25% of Russian grain production, more than half of the production of flour and animal feed, two-thirds of the Russian grain market turnover of grain and over 95% of exports of grain and processed grain products.

The Russian Grain Union goals are:

  • protection and representation of interests of the RGU members in government, the implementation of other activities at the federal and regional levels;
  • formation of transparent legal and regulatory framework of Russian grain market, including in areas such as taxation, land, customs, tariff policies for natural monopolies, agricultural loans availability increase and improvement investment attractiveness of grain industry; development and support the grain export and processed grain products;
  • facilitation of crop production increase, empowering competitiveness of Russian grains and grain products, formation of a fair prices for grain;
  • promotion offtake of technological modification and industry competitiveness empowerment, infrastructure development, lowering production costs and grain market turnover increase;
  • creation of necessary legal, economic and other conditions for efficient operations and interactions among the agrifood market participants;
  • informational consulting, legal support to its members.

Significant attention of the Russian Grain Union is paid to work aimed on improving of legal framework of the grain market in Russia, including such areas as land utilization and regulation, taxation, loans, export development of grain and grain products, establishment of preferential tariffs for railroad transportation of grain, flour and animal feed, creation of competitive environment and stimulus for sales of grain, the grain market infrastructure development.
Broad representation and steady growth of membership of the Union show its efficiency and professionalism. The Union works for agriculture industry as a whole and for each of its members in particular.

The Russian Grain Union is represented in:

  • The Council on Competitiveness and Entrepreneurship at Russian Government;
  • The Council on agricultural matters at the Chairman of the Federation Council;
  • The Experts Council for the State Duma Committee on Agrarian Matters;
  • The Business Council for removal of administrative barriers in the Presidential Experts' Directorate of the Russian Federation;
  • The Expert Council on agro-industrial complex under the Federal Antimonopoly Authoroty of Russia;
  • Chamber of Commerce of Russia;
  • The Public Council for Technical Regulation under the Ministry of Industry and Energy of Russia;
  • The Public Council under the Ministry of Agriculture of Russia;
  • The Commission of the Ministry of Agriculture of Russia for the Coordination of agricultural lending;
  • The Working Group of the Ministry of Agriculture of Russia for logistical provision of agrifood market;
  • Commission for the selection of economically important regional agricultural development programs of the Russian Federation in the Ministry of Agriculture of Russia and others.

The Russian Grain Union performs information and advisory activities to improve service quality, competitiveness and protection of interests of its members.

1. Advisory services on:

  • leasing of agricultural machinery;
  • the provision of subsidies from the federal budget for reimbursement of loan interests, the fuel costs and other forms of support agriculture from budget;
  • participation in state market interventions;
  • issuance of documents of quality and safety of grain and its products;
  • technical regulation;
  • participation in national and international exhibitions, fairs, conferences and other events;
  • building relationships with insurance companies on insurance contracts conditions;
  • obtaining bank loans.

2. Provision of information materials:

  • Weekly Bulletin, which is an overview of the agricultural market, including the latest developments in agriculture in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, the world market price situation for cereals, oilseeds and their products in the domestic market, the price situation on the grain on the world market;
  • Monthly Report, which is a review of Russian and world grain market, including data on export and import transactions, stocks and prices for cereals in Russian regions, the analysis of the processing industry, the analysis and forecast of world market of grain, on measures of state regulation the grain market;
  • reviews of grain markets in Eastern, South-East and South Asia;
  • Ad hoc grain - review contains analysis of key events and results of operative treatment of statistical data, as well as evaluating their impact on market conditions.
  • Ad hoc grain Prof is an in-depth analysis of market conditions and forecast developments in the domestic and global market over the medium term and the end of the grain year.
  • Researches carried out by individual order.

3. Certification services for bakeries companies and grain warehouses; certification of grain, including food processing and animal feed.

The RGU has certified 77 companies in 19 Russian regions. The total grain capacity of these companies is more than 7.4 million tons, including 4.8 million tons of grain elevators capacity.
During companies’ certification the RGU delivers necessary methodological and information assistance for the maintenance and improvement of technical base for acceptance, placement, storage and shipment of grain, for the rational organization of technological processes as well as to improve industrial safety facilities.
After inspections are complete the RGU carries the control for identified deficiencies in the material-technical base and compliance of technical processes.

4. Legal services on corporate and land law, bankruptcy, privatization, judicial practice, registration of land rights, recovery of insurance indemnity; for protection the interests of the Union members in arbitration courts and courts of general jurisdiction, including the conduct of affairs to resolve land disputes, disputes on loans, mortgage, delivery contracts, leasing, storage, rental, etc., for appeal against non-normative acts of the authorities and etc.
For 10 years, the RGU delivers the Court of Arbitration services as a tool for effective resolution of commercial disputes.

Membership in the Russian Grain Union offers everyone the opportunity to participate in the development of the consolidated position of grain business, directly influence decision-making of state regulation and grain sector support, to ensure effective protection of their interests, to strengthen its market position due to ongoing business relationships within the Union and its use in the RGU operational support for economic activities in domestic and international grain markets.

Russian Grain Union address:
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