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The Russian Grain Union carries on dynamic business of protection of its own interests in the bodies of state power, making in accordance with the above mentioned purpose organizational and other arrangements of federal and regional significances. The Russian Grain Union activity aims at:

1) Development and Support of stable operations of the Russian Grain market.

2) Facilitating of productive growth and sales support of grain and its processing products.

3) Improvement their quality and competitive growth in internal and external grain markets.

4) Arrangement of the necessary legal and trade conditions for the most effective operation and fruitful cooperation of the grain participants in the internal and worldwide markets.

5) Technological progress in the area of production, storage, processing of grain and a grain market infrastructure.

6) Business acculturation of the grain market participants and compliance with trade regulations and code of ethics from their side.

The Russian Grain Union provides data, consultative, legal support of the union members.

Russian Grain Union address:
3a, Malaya Semenovskaya St., building 1, 9th floor, office 2, 3, 4, Moscow, Russia, 107023
Postal address: 3a, Malaya Semenovskaya St., building 1, 9th floor, Moscow, Russia,107023
Phone: (495)607-83-79, (495)607-53-44, (499)975-20-50
Fax: (495)607-83-79, (495)607-53-44, (499)975-20-50
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