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Membership in the Russian Grain Union provides:
An opportunity for each organization to discuss the current situation in the grain market and directly influence it, protecting own interests;
An opportunity to influence decision-making process of improving regulations, tax, financial, tariff and customs policy, etc.;
To participate in the implementation of federal programs, as well as in projects undertaken by various domestic, foreign and international organizations;
An access to information on the most significant events within Russia and abroad associated with the grain and its products. To obtain assistance of the Russian Grain Union in participation in them;
A free publication (or discount off the price) of materials in newsletters and other printed materials published by the RGU;
To receive regular newsletters issued by the Union and review the grain markets, information about the newly adopted laws, decrees, decisions and other news;
A priority for participation in projects and programs RGU (attraction of credit resources as warehouse certificates for grain, the development of new standards for grain and its products, the introduction of new quality control system feeds, etc.);
To get consulting services on standardization and certification, handling of warehouse certificates, marketing, law, accounting, taxation and other issues of economic activities;
to receive discounts on insurance and other companies that collaborate with the Union, as well as participation in seminars, conferences, exhibitions and other events held by RGU;
the use of services Arbitral Tribunal RGU on a favorable terms for resolving economic disputes;

placement and dissemination on the Internet the information about your organization, its activities, the sale of goods (works, services);

economic benefits of permanent business relations within the Union and of its support in domestic and international grain markets.
Russian Grain Union address:
3a, Malaya Semenovskaya St., building 1, 9th floor, office 2, 3, 4, Moscow, Russia, 107023
Postal address: 3a, Malaya Semenovskaya St., building 1, 9th floor, Moscow, Russia,107023
Phone: (495)607-83-79, (495)607-53-44, (499)975-20-50
Fax: (495)607-83-79, (495)607-53-44, (499)975-20-50
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