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In order to apply the innovative techniques the programs of the technological modernization for the Food and Agricultural sector must be implemented, that the State program about the agricultural development and the agricultural products, the raw material and food markets` regulation for 2008 -2012 partly provides for. However in order to systemize the work on the State Support of innovative development, the budget funds as a separate item of expenses should be assigned on a part of costs` subsidy, an interest payment on the long-term loans for purchase of agricultural machineries and pieces of equipment for adoption of the intensive agrotechnologies, besides for agricultural producers who sell such technologies there should be provided an access to the necessary volume of the credit resources in order to purchase pieces of chemicalization and high quality seeds.

The competitive advantages of the state-of-the-art agrotechnologies are largely defined with the industrial conditions of high-yielding varieties of seeds and hybrids productions. Innovative nature of the new varieties and the hybrids improves resource-saving potential of the agrotechnologies owing to their adaptive potential, the return increase of the technogenic regulation’s factors of productivity.

Any options for the development of national plant breeding and seed production should provide for its development as a high-tech and innovative part of the biological science and agricultural production, what requires solving the following tasks:

1) Enactment of the updated version of the Federal law “About the seed production”, which should provide for the State participation in protection of the breeders interests, arrangement of conditions for the attraction of private investments to the plant breeding and the seed production;

2) Institutional changes by development of a non-state form of the breeding and the seed production activities and motivation of the private breeding and the seed production companies creation by providing them gratis with the lands, the accesses to the credit discount and the budget funds;

3) Reorganization of new varieties of seeds and hybrids assessment system which provides for its helpful properties` declaration and the breeder responsibility for the information reliability;

4) Creation of private, hi-tech centers of the seed industrial production with the State support, including recovery of expenses for the utility network arrangement, modernization, ect.

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