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Russian Grain Union membership is comprised of over 1000 organizations. It unites the key players of agricultural and food market of the Russian Federation. The members of the Union are not just grain producers, but also the companies whose activities are directly related to the processing and trade in grain, services and investments.

Russian Grain Union is the largest industry organization, which accounts for more than 70% of market turnover of grain, more than 95% of its exports, 60% of the production of flour and feed.

Members of the Russian Grain Union are the largest grain producers, agricultural equipment manufacturers, investment and insurance companies. They enjoy all benefits of The Russian Grain Union.

The Union secures comfortable doing business and develop trading platforms. RGU could quickly resolve the key problems of the grain industry due to good working contacts and relationships at all levels of the government. Russian Grain Union is represented in many state boards and commissions, nonprofit organizations, industry alliances and international councils. That allows it to decide effectively any tough questions and protect the interests of its members at all levels. Union members are provided with market data and analytics researches, buyers list and trade support. They could use advanced system of discounts for participation in conferences and exhibitions; insurance programs, equipment and machinery.

Requirements for membership include:
Agreement and adherence to Union rules and standards
Organizations, not individuals
Payment of annual and entry dues
Approval by Board of Directors following submission of membership application

For information on membership, contact Membership Department  

Tel/fax: (499)975 20 50, (495)607 83 79


or Download the Membership Application and fax to (499) 975 20 50
Russian Grain Union address:
3a, Malaya Semenovskaya St., building 1, 9th floor, office 2, 3, 4, Moscow, Russia, 107023
Postal address: 2/1, Suvorovskaya St., housing 1, P. O. box 10, Moscow, Russia, 107023
Phone: (495)607-83-79, (495)607-53-44, (499)975-20-50
Fax: (495)607-83-79, (495)607-53-44, (499)975-20-50
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